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Why do so many young teens get involved in sex/smoking/etc. nowadays?

GOOD Question!!

This was asked by a 13 year old, in the UK… WOW!

So, I am a 13 year old girl and I know girls/guys in my year who smoke, drink and go around having sex with people. I also know a girl who has a tongue and belly button piercing (All these people are only 13, the same age as me and I don’t do any of these things, I hardly even curse/swear) I think it’s disgusting! I mean, think about it, only 13 years of living and your already getting involved in all of that?

Smoking Now & Then

I bet 40 years ago 13 year olds didn’t even know what sex meant. And also, do guys like “good-girls”? Because I pay attention in lessons and enjoy learning unlike others who swear and shout at the teacher, which I think is disgracefully rude and makes me embarrassed to be part of my generation.   Read the rest, plus a great answer to the question!

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