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Carla Lundblade, Elite Skills Analyst & Licensed Clinical Therapist joined Bill today on KOKS Radio. We talked about: Lessons Learned From The Positive & Negative of Fame. We talked about how we can be better parents following some simple guidelines, about The Positive and Negative side of each situation.

Carla Lundblade

Carla has graciously offered to share this cutting edge, and proprietary information with the Keeping Our Kids Safe Family… Clinic Based Program – Lundblade 10   The ten decision to consider by the time you are 22 years old!   Read her list below, and get your own copy here: Carla-Lundblade-10

Carla Lundblade www.carlalundblade.com  is a Beverly Hills licensed therapist specializing in celebrity and sports psychologies.  Carla is very entertaining… very Beverly Hills, but ‘talks trucker’ !!!!

70% of Top Athletes GO Broke!

Did you know that up to 70%, or more, professional NFL, NBA & MLB players will by the end of their career be one or all of the following:





The Lundblade 10 System  has been developed by Carla Lundblade www.carlalundblade.com a Clinical Therapist Specializing in Sports & Celebrity, knows that for many of these players, expert structured psychological counseling will help avoid the extreme negative changes of fortune that have clouded so many golden sports careers!

To help younger athletes, as well as current pro-players, Carla has developed The Lundblade 10, a system designed to specifically help professional athletes develop awareness of the common pitfalls encountered with a high income, high profile lifestyle.

The Lundblade 10 system is a success system that if implemented early will allow athletes to be part of the 30% of professional players who are employed, financially stable and successfully married!

The Lundblade 10 System

1. Seek out professional investment specialists early on in your career.

2. Don’t give in to showing off your new “richness” to team mates, fans, loved ones. Remember. Up to 70% of them are going to be broke!

3. Never hire friends, family or former coaches to manage your finances. Hire for expertise, not relationship.

4. Check the background of your financial advisers   Many have questionable pasts, or worse, criminal backgrounds directly related to money. Also, watch for people overcharging you for services.

5. Effectively handle and manage the flood of new people entering your life, don’t let them handle you.

6. Limit paternity. Choose love relationships carefully and reduce the chance of having unplanned children. For some athletes, child support payments are their largest payouts.

7. Don’t get married too young and don’t think marrying your hometown sweetheart or someone who knew you before the success is a smart decision. It’s not.

8. Draw up a good pre-nuptial when you do get married. Not all pre-nuptials are created equally so make sure yours is solid.

9. Don’t get divorced. The divorce rate among professional athletes is 60-80% and almost all happen in retirement. A player’s peak earning periods are usually long over by this time and making the same amount of money at this stage of career is virtually impossible.

10. Draw up a will. Since, in steps 1-9 you have protected and nurtured the security of your bright financial future, so do the same for your family. Just in case you are not there to take care of them.

CARLA LUNDBLADE, M.S., L.P.C., N.C.C., received her B.S. in psychology and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Southern Oregon University. She received her M.S. in Applied Psychology with a Concentration in Mental Health Counseling from Southern Oregon University. Carla has been consulting with athletes, jury trial attorneys and performers since 2006. Athletes, teams, and coaches of all ages, ability levels, and sports have sought Carla’s services. She has also worked with performing artists. Carla has given numerous regional presentations at professional conferences and has been a guest speaker at several coaching clinics throughout the U.S. She is currently the Subject Matter Expert and Chief Lecturer for The Successful Interplay Between Professional Sports Careers and Sports Psychology: A Clinical Perspective of a Winning Combination and Psychodrama, Creativity and the Training of Jury Trial Attorneys. In addition, she has worked as a Co-Presenter for the Mental Skills and Mental Strategies Lead to Maximum Performance training workshops and has been a dedicated fundraising volunteer for TACA (Talking about Curing Autism) through her work with celebrity charity events. Her professional affiliations include the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and the American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA).

For more information or to interview Carla Lundblade,  www.carlalundblade.com or contact Giles Raine at The Professional Image, Inc. Giles@theprofessionalimage.com 949.768.1522

I want to thank Carla for her time today, and for sharing with us her knowledge.

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