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I was doing some research today for Think IT Won’t Happen To You? Thursday, and I found some great articles and resources for parents, especially for their families. Each of the articles had some really good advice, tools and how-to’s for watching over them (their children) and protecting them from online predators!

Check out all 4 of these great online resources below, read and study the information, becuase you may never know… when you might need it!

1) What does an online predator “look like”?

The online predator:

1) Blends into society

2) Is typically clean cut and outwardly law abiding

3) Is usually white, middle-aged or younger, and male

4) Uses position in society to throw off suspicion

5) Can rise to be a pillar of society while actively pursuing children

6) Often engages in activities involving children

7) Appears trusting to both parents and child

Predators are in all professions. Unfortunately, we have seen doctors, lawyers, law enforcement and clergy. There is really no common trait. In fact, many of them are drawn to those particular professions which give them access to children” —Mary Beth Buchanan, U.S. District Attorney, Western Pennsylvania

It is very difficult to recognize a disguised predator.

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In our weekly updates we are going to cover a lot of subjects just like this one, especially for parents to gain a better understanding of “What Our Kids” have to deal with daily here in the USA and as this article shows, all around the world…

Why do so many young teens get involved in sex/smoking/etc. nowadays?

GOOD Question!!

This was asked by a 13 year old, in the UK… WOW!

So, I am a 13 year old girl and I know girls/guys in my year who smoke, drink and go around having sex with people. I also know a girl who has a tongue and belly button piercing (All these people are only 13, the same age as me and I don’t do any of these things, I hardly even curse/swear) I think it’s disgusting! I mean, think about it, only 13 years of living and your already getting involved in all of that?

Smoking Now & Then

I bet 40 years ago 13 year olds didn’t even know what sex meant. And also, do guys like “good-girls”? Because I pay attention in lessons and enjoy learning unlike others who swear and shout at the teacher, which I think is disgracefully rude and makes me embarrassed to be part of my generation.   Read the rest, plus a great answer to the question!

An astounding 2300 Americans are reported missing every day, including both adults and children. But only a tiny fraction of those are stereotypical abductions or kidnappings by a stranger…

Reports of missing persons have increased sixfold in the past 25 years, from roughly 150,000 in 1980 to about 900,000 this year. The increase was driven in part by the country’s growing population. But the numbers also indicate that law enforcement treats the cases more seriously now, including those of marginalized citizens.

For example, the federal government counted 840,279 missing persons cases in 2001. All but about 50,000 were juveniles, classified as anyone younger than 18.

The National Center for Missing Adults, based in Phoenix, consistently tracks about 48,000 “active cases,” says president Kym Pasqualini, although that number has been bumped up by nearly 11,000 reports of persons missing after this year’s hurricanes.

In a phone interview, Pasqualini said a breakdown of the 48,000 cases reveals the democratic nature of America’s missing persons.

Slightly more than half—about 25,500—of the missing are men. About four out of 10 missing adults are white, three of 10 black and two of 10 Latino.
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Today’s Monday MADDness comes by way of a password protection update and me updating my RoboForm version… this service protects all my passwords and I have used it for many years!!!

Normally I just update and I am back to work, but today I ventured to stop by their blog, and read a little I have not done this in a while but as always it never ceases to amaze me what you can learn by just investing a few minutes of reading!!!

Computer Reading Glasses


First, let’s talk a little about encryption. Encryption is the process of transforming readily-readable plaintext
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