Teaching Parents The How-To’s Of Daily Online Security & Safety

Keeping kids safe online is one of every responsible parent’s top priorities, and for good reason. Technology continues to advance at an amazing rate, and each new development in social media and other networking platforms is a fresh opportunity for online fraud and other criminal activity. In the last decade alone, Internet technology has changed our world. As crazy as it may sound, twenty-first century families are among the founding members of today’s online global community.

Cybercrimes and ID Theft

And that’s a good thing! The Internet has made it possible for working parents to take care of daily tasks quickly and efficiently, leaving us more time to spend with our children. It’s essential, though, that we never forget that a safe and secure online community is not a right; it’s a privilege, and in order to earn it, we have to educate ourselves about cyber security and information assurance—and educate our children, as well.

Here are a few ways we can get ourselves and our kids up to speed on cyber security:

Keeping (Passwords) Secret

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Description: Kids Helping Kids is a place where you can feel the joy of helping children. Today’s video is about: Issues and problems to look out for, with your kids… and a introduction to the new upcoming 13 week program and video series, to help you to be a better internet parent.

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New Term: Digital Peer Pressure see below…

Kids Helping Kids Video Series: Tips and Advice for Parents Volume I – Issue II   (Keep Updated)

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Survey: “Digital peer pressure” fueling drug, alcohol use in high school students

Description: Kids Helping Kids is a place where you can feel the joy of helping children. Oftentimes, these children come from abusive families, with a history of drugs, or from families who just can’t afford much for their children.

It is a sad sight to see a suffering child. Some need clothes, toys, books, while others just need a caring heart that can show them what it feels LIKE to be loved.

This is where you come in – you yourself were a kid once, and you can never be too old to relate to what kids are feeling. Kids helping Kids gives you an opportunity to do good, help a child in need, and even form an unbreakable bond with them. Open your heart, because we’re all just kids, helping kids.

Kids Helping Kids Video Series: Tips and Advice for Parents Volume I – Issue I   (Keep Updated)

What is Common Core? is it: “One Size Fits All” Education.

Common Core is a set of nationwide standards, assessments and curriculum, with a national database tracking system which Utah adopted and later renamed Utah Core. Special interests and the Federal Government paid millions of dollars to bring states together to nationalize education.

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Join me as I welcome three Utah mom’s fighting the good fight for their families and yours as well. This is information you are going to want to have, to make an informed decision about the future of education for YOUR kids!!!

The 3 Mom’s Fighting the Good Fight!

The 3 Utah  Mom's Fighting the Good Fight!

Renee’ Braddy is a former elementary educator having taught 1st, 3rd and 4th grades. She is now happy to be a stay-at-home mother of two children. She is very concerned with where the country is heading and the loss of freedoms. She is actively trying to raise awareness about the nationalization of education through the Common Core initiative which has been pushed down upon the states.

Christel Swasey is a stay home mother. She has taught third grade in Utah, High School English in California, and most recently taught English at Utah Valley University.

Alisa Ellis is a stay at home mother of seven. She became actively involved in education the day her children started school and started fighting Common Core when she realized the direction education was heading.

What do you know about Common Core? Did you know it will take away local control of education? Get the facts, here: Utahns Against Common Core

“Common Core could highly impact a parent’s control of their child’s education and really cripple the role of local school districts. One technique in education we have yet to use, having tried all others, is freedom.”
~ Congressman Rob Bishop

Rick Polito developed a storytelling improv app called Shake-N-Tell that nudges parents through a storytelling experience… with brief text prompts that outline an adventure and inspire elaboration and embellishment. We’re using ancient technology to bring back and ancient tradition.

I think this has great potential for those summer activities like: around the campfires, late-nights sharing bedtime stories, especially on long road trips, etc.

This is the press release. You can see me and my kids using it by searching Shake-N-Tell in YouTube.

Shake-N-Tell App Turns Anybody Into a Storyteller.

Have you seen that guy in the playground pushing his daughter on the swing with one hand and checking his email with the other? Or the mom slipping Angry Birds to junior to keep him quiet in the checkout aisle? It seems like parents with cell phones are either shutting out or shutting up their kids.

But what if “interactive” meant interacting with your family?
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