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Drugs have become more readily available as the year progressed, even with immensely strict laws in place for those who get caught with drugs or those who are under the influence.

Some of the most used and dangerous drugs in recent years are Heroin, Alcohol and cocaine. Alcohol is often seen as the number one “gateway drug”. A “gateway drug” is the term given to a subsistence that, when taken, can often lead the user to experiment and use other dangerous drugs.

MADD Power of Parents

Remember it only takes one time for most teens to begin drinking and then thinking they can get home (no problem to drive), and if they call their parents they will only be in BIG Trouble…. please tell you KIDS to call you, and do not DRIVE under the influence of anything their live are more important than getting mad at them… GET MAD at people who sell, profit and provide your teens with alcohol, illegal and/or dangerous drugs!!!

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I Choose Friendship

The “I Choose” campaign is a challenge and movement for change. It’s about recognizing bullying for what it is: a choice. What you say or do to someone has the power to affect that person’s life. The campaign challenges people to stop, think and remember that their choices matter.


The campaign is powered by Yoursphere.com, a social network uniquely created by kids and teens, for kids and teens. The Yoursphere community is one of respect and positive online interaction, and this campaign is a reflection of the choices that our members feel have the power to make people stop, think and remember that their choice matters.

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What our children read, with Antoinette Kuritz, Literary Publicist, Publishing and Media Coach, author, Host of Writers Roundtable Radio Show, KUSI-TV “Book Expert”, Founder of the LaJolla Writers Conference, wife-of-one, mother-of-three, grandma-of three… is up-to-her-keyboard in the book biz and turned her love of words to a multi-media enterprise.

This is a fast paced jam-packed interview from start to finish, if you want the best for your kids and their school education. If you do, then you need to listen to this interview as we talk about what is happening to state and local curriculums and the rules and laws that are changing daily!!!

Kids Helping Kids Post Review Vol I Issue VI

Do you have trouble getting your kids to open up about anything? Or maybe you get along great with your kids, but you really want to keep them engaged and building that foundation for the future? Either way, we wanted to give you 10 great table topics you can use at your family dinner table, while driving to school or at ice cream.

Great Conversation Starters for You:

    1. If you had to give every human being one quality, what would it be and why?
    2. Do you have any recurring dreams? Describe them?
    3. What is the meanest thing someone could say to you?
    4. If you could be a famous athlete, actor, writer or musician which would you choose and why? (It is fun to guess what the other people in the group will say before divulging answers)!
    5. If you were invisible where would you go and what would you do?
    6. If your life was made into a movie, who would play you? why?
    7. If you could invent one thing what would it be?
    8. What is the greatest song ever written?
    9. Do you believe in heaven? What does yours look like? Is it different for everyone?
    10. What is the most important quality for a boss to have?

Vanessa Van Petten is the author of Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded. Her parenting website written by 80 teen writers, Radical Parenting.com has been featured on CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue and much more for being a leader in the parenting space.

We would like to thank our guest writers on the Keeping Our Kids Safe Blog! We feel it’s a honor and pleasure, to have others participate and contribute to the great content, advice and opinions on and in this Online World, we all live in… help us, help them, by supporting and visiting their sites!

Today we are talking about a really difficult subject, concerning predators and pedophiles… and our kids!!

Just last month a story surfaced about a young teen: Teen’s Death Is Eerie Reminder About Stranger Danger Online with a very sad ending, and we’ll be posting about this subject and story on our company site later today…

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Kids Helping Kids Video Series: Tips and Advice for Parents Vol I – Issue III

We also talked about measures that can be taken to protect kids, this is the first step in online protection for your KIDS!!

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