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Description: Kids Helping Kids is a place where you can feel the joy of helping children. Today’s video is about: Issues and problems to look out for, with your kids… and a introduction to the new upcoming 13 week program and video series, to help you to be a better internet parent.

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New Term: Digital Peer Pressure see below…

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Survey: “Digital peer pressure” fueling drug, alcohol use in high school students

HOUSTON – Innocent looking apps, like picture-making Instagram or message-sharing KIK, can turn into a predator’s best friend before a parent has even learned how to log in.

As social media becomes more complex, it is hard for some to keep up.

Cammie Moise found out firsthand when she noticed her fourth-grade daughter acting strange. When she pressed the girl, her daughter told her about seeing pornographic pictures on the Internet at a friend’s house.

Quick Clicks FBI: A Parent’s Guide to Internet…

“She just broke down and cried. Now I have to have the conversation not just about sex, but porn, and what is right and what is not with a fourth-grader, which is not fun,” said Moise, the mother of two pre-teens.

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