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Monday MADDness

A good friend of mine Ken Schallcross ~ posts crazy predators stories every week called Wacky Internet Predator Wednesday!!! So, every Monday I am going to give you some insight into the crazy world of Internet Security & Technology from around the globe… Here we GO!!! Monday Maddness and yes that is spelled correctly :)

How crazy it this… the last Monday MADDness of 2012!!

When I started building the Keeping Our Kids Safe system a few months ago… I hoped we would reach thousands of homes, families and parents around the world “never in my wildest imagination, did I think we could have accomplished so much in such a short time” it is thanks to all our fans, followers and supporters around the world!!!

I say, a very Big THANK You!!


Thanks to everyone who helped and made this possible… and, as I have said hundreds of times hard work & passion is the key (few months) and sticking with “IT” in the end will always pay off!!

Also, Check out: Keeping Our Kids Safe (http://s.tt/1vcmT)

Drugs have become more readily available as the year progressed, even with immensely strict laws in place for those who get caught with drugs or those who are under the influence.

Some of the most used and dangerous drugs in recent years are Heroin, Alcohol and cocaine. Alcohol is often seen as the number one “gateway drug”. A “gateway drug” is the term given to a subsistence that, when taken, can often lead the user to experiment and use other dangerous drugs.

MADD Power of Parents

Remember it only takes one time for most teens to begin drinking and then thinking they can get home (no problem to drive), and if they call their parents they will only be in BIG Trouble…. please tell you KIDS to call you, and do not DRIVE under the influence of anything their live are more important than getting mad at them… GET MAD at people who sell, profit and provide your teens with alcohol, illegal and/or dangerous drugs!!!

Today’s Monday MADDness comes by way of a password protection update and me updating my RoboForm version… this service protects all my passwords and I have used it for many years!!!

Normally I just update and I am back to work, but today I ventured to stop by their blog, and read a little I have not done this in a while but as always it never ceases to amaze me what you can learn by just investing a few minutes of reading!!!

Computer Reading Glasses


First, let’s talk a little about encryption. Encryption is the process of transforming readily-readable plaintext
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