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I just read this story this morning on my MSN.com daily updates… and if you have not heard how dangerous and deadly texting is while driving then you have to read this story below!

To see the full story: Man texts, ‘I need to quit texting,’ before driving into ravine

About six months ago, Chance Bothe typed out a text message while driving down a familiar Texas road. It was a simple “b right there,” but it changed the 21-year-old man’s life. While sending it, he veered off the road and into a ravine. Instead of visiting his pal, the young man wound up in a hospital, battling for his life.

Even more chilling was a message he’d written in the moments prior to that: “I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident,” he’d typed. Luckily for him, the prophecy was only partly right.
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