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Carla Lundblade, Elite Skills Analyst & Licensed Clinical Therapist joined Bill today on KOKS Radio. We talked about: Lessons Learned From The Positive & Negative of Fame. We talked about how we can be better parents following some simple guidelines, about The Positive and Negative side of each situation.

Carla Lundblade

Carla has graciously offered to share this cutting edge, and proprietary information with the Keeping Our Kids Safe Family… Clinic Based Program – Lundblade 10   The ten decision to consider by the time you are 22 years old!   Read her list below, and get your own copy here: Carla-Lundblade-10

Carla Lundblade www.carlalundblade.com  is a Beverly Hills licensed therapist specializing in celebrity and sports psychologies.  Carla is very entertaining… very Beverly Hills, but ‘talks trucker’ !!!!

70% of Top Athletes GO Broke!

Did you know that up to 70%, or more, professional NFL, NBA & MLB players will by the end of their career be one or all of the following:





The Lundblade 10 System  has been developed by Carla Lundblade www.carlalundblade.com a Clinical Therapist Specializing in Sports & Celebrity, knows that for many of these players, expert structured psychological counseling will help avoid the extreme negative changes of fortune that have clouded so many golden sports careers!

To help younger athletes, as well as current pro-players, Carla has developed The Lundblade 10, a system designed to specifically help professional athletes develop awareness of the common pitfalls encountered with a high income, high profile lifestyle.

The Lundblade 10 system is a success system that if implemented early will allow athletes to be part of the 30% of professional players who are employed, financially stable and successfully married!
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Rick Polito developed a storytelling improv app called Shake-N-Tell that nudges parents through a storytelling experience… with brief text prompts that outline an adventure and inspire elaboration and embellishment. We’re using ancient technology to bring back and ancient tradition.

I think this has great potential for those summer activities like: around the campfires, late-nights sharing bedtime stories, especially on long road trips, etc.

This is the press release. You can see me and my kids using it by searching Shake-N-Tell in YouTube.

Shake-N-Tell App Turns Anybody Into a Storyteller.

Have you seen that guy in the playground pushing his daughter on the swing with one hand and checking his email with the other? Or the mom slipping Angry Birds to junior to keep him quiet in the checkout aisle? It seems like parents with cell phones are either shutting out or shutting up their kids.

But what if “interactive” meant interacting with your family?
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We would like to give a very special thank you, to Buzzy Martin for allowing us to use his music for our KOKS Radio Show… it is Called: “Kids Helping Kids” please join us tomorrow as we interview Buzzy about all that is Don’t Shoot, the Movie, Book and the new Lessons plans!!!

Kids Helping Kids by, Buzzy Martin


Buzzy Martin Don’t Shoot Lesson Plans A Companion 2 The Book

Buzzy joins Bill today to talk about the newly developed Don’t Shoot Lesson Plans a companion to his bestselling book: Don’t Shoot! I’m The Guitar Man by Buzzy Martin.

An established professional who loves the music he shares, Buzzy Martin is living proof of the rewards of following one’s childhood dreams and is now the author of Don’t Shoot! I’m the Guitar Man.

Writer, producer, arranger and performer for 1993 song featured on national television programs, and radio play; “Please Come Home” to help create awareness surrounding the kidnapping of Polly Klaas* and for all missing and abducted children.

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