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Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Parenting refers to the activity of raising a child rather than the biological relationship.

Morality in Media Prayer Day

Join the KOKS Radio family and support this wonderful cause and help protect our precious kids!!

Suggested Prayer Requests

  • Help those who are struggling with pornography use;
  • Strengthen the partners of pornography users that they will be healed, find understanding and know what is best for themselves and their family;
  • Protect children from exposure as long as possible and help them make sense of right and wrong once they do. Help them to feel dignity and self-worth;
  • Guide parents to teach their children real love and the value of others;
  • Safeguard families and relationships;
  • Aid those who are exploited and abused and who are suffering because of the demand for pornography. Help them to feel loved and valued;
  • Inspire the individuals who are working around the country in this movement that they will know what to do and how to help;
  • Provide the considerable funding needed to escalate the fight against pornography;
  • Impress and enable leaders (political, business, community, etc.) to use their positions to oppose pornography;
  • Motivate and give courage to individuals to take up this fight and join with us;
  • Comfort the many who are hurting because of pornography;

About Morality in Media

Founded in 1962, Morality In Media (MIM) is the leading national organization opposing pornography and indecency through public education and the application of the law. MIM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Currently, Morality In Media directs the War on Illegal Pornography Coalition, an effort with Congress to pressure the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce existing federal obscenity laws.

MIM also maintains a research website about the harms of pornography and regularly directs national awareness campaigns to help the public understand the consequences of pornography and find resources to aid in their struggles.

I interviewed Patrick Trueman over 4 years ago… he is awesome, and what a great interview!!! Listen Below:

A new poll finds that many parents have new concerns about their children and their privacy online.

The Pew Internet Project and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University just released a new study called “Parents, Teens and Online Privacy.”

Among the key findings, 81% of parents reported being concerned about how much advertisers are tracking their kids!

Nearly as many also expressed anxiety over the ongoing parental fear of stranger interaction. A total of 72% of parents reported they were at least somewhat concerned about if (and how) their teen is connecting with strangers online.

While parents may have worried about that since the launch of the internet, there is also perhaps a relatively new concern for parents. 69% fear that their teen is posting material that will end up damaging his or her reputation. And 70% said they were concerned their child’s online activity might affect later opportunities, such as getting into college or landing a job.

There is some positive news about how parents are working to prevent problems before they start.

The study found that 59% of the parents of teen users of social networking sites have talked with their child because they were concerned about something posted to their profile and 39% helped their child set up privacy settings… [Read more]


Bill Wardell Is A Radio Security Journalist, as well as the Head Of Online Security For Keeping Our Kids Safe!!

You’ll get your answers Via Video, Audio, Text and/or email! Bill thrives on helping parents understand the role social media and technology play in their children’s lives and how to keep technology in the home without allowing it to overtake family time.

As parents, if you’re struggling with all the technology (mass media explosion) in today’s online world we all live in… then you’re just like every other family! In 2012 – 2013 this is NOT something you can ignore, when it comes to your kids online safety! Especially with your kids, if they’re: happy, sad, kind, rebellious, shy, extroverted, quiet, the class clown or even a bully, so basically just an average ordinary teenager, in a very UN-ordinary fast-passed mobile world… So, they need help NOW!! not later, then it’s always to late!

I can help I have over 25 years experience online, I can share some great advice or a timely tip, wisdom or just listening ear to help you move through the problems you are facing with your kids, peer pressures, pornography or any of The Top 13 Security Issues of the day!!

Bill Wardell - Head Of Online Security For Keeping Our Kids Safe!
Head Of Online Security For Keeping Our Kids Safe!



You’ll get your answers Via Video, Audio, Text and/or email! GREAT questions will receive an Xtra bonus!

Do you have trouble getting your kids to open up about anything? Or maybe you get along great with your kids, but you really want to keep them engaged and building that foundation for the future? Either way, we wanted to give you 10 great table topics you can use at your family dinner table, while driving to school or at ice cream.

Great Conversation Starters for You:

    1. If you had to give every human being one quality, what would it be and why?
    2. Do you have any recurring dreams? Describe them?
    3. What is the meanest thing someone could say to you?
    4. If you could be a famous athlete, actor, writer or musician which would you choose and why? (It is fun to guess what the other people in the group will say before divulging answers)!
    5. If you were invisible where would you go and what would you do?
    6. If your life was made into a movie, who would play you? why?
    7. If you could invent one thing what would it be?
    8. What is the greatest song ever written?
    9. Do you believe in heaven? What does yours look like? Is it different for everyone?
    10. What is the most important quality for a boss to have?

Vanessa Van Petten is the author of Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded. Her parenting website written by 80 teen writers, Radical Parenting.com has been featured on CNN, the Wall Street Journal, Teen Vogue and much more for being a leader in the parenting space.

We would like to thank our guest writers on the Keeping Our Kids Safe Blog! We feel it’s a honor and pleasure, to have others participate and contribute to the great content, advice and opinions on and in this Online World, we all live in… help us, help them, by supporting and visiting their sites!

With this high-speed technology, it’s the best of times for the gluttonous and worst of times for criminals. Sex offenders no longer fade into the dark unseen; a little red dot now hovers over their homes.

When my mother was a kid, Lester the Molester roamed the streets with one hand in his pocket, the other clutching his sex-offender-issued trench coat shut. Mom and her friends kept their distance, instructed to cross the street when they saw Lester coming, and close their eyes if the wind ever kicked up. Nowadays, Lester’s face would be featured in the Standard-Examiner, that trench coat replaced with a nice orange jumpsuit.

Child Molesters

I live in North Ogden at the end of a nice, quiet neighborhood where not much happens — as far as I know. But a quick search on the Department of Corrections found 14 sex offenders living within two miles of my home. More than half victimized small children. I most likely walk past them in the grocery store or the library, Scarlett in tow. Read the rest: All is fair in keeping our children safe

These are The 4 KOKS Cornerstones for happy kids & involved parents:

1. Awareness (U care)

2. Communication (listening)

3. Teaching (the best part)

4. Action (follow through)

Be Aware. Start Actively Communicating. Parents you need to start teaching them NOW, and make sure to follow through by discussing these kinds of peer pressure related activities with your children. Be diligent and improve daily on Keeping Our YOUR Kids Safe. Prevent Internet Security Issues by using KOKS’s Simple Parenting Cornerstones to teach your children about online and offline safety.

Read the full story, The 4 KOKS Cornerstones.