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Neighborhoods Watch

Neighborhoods, in some primitive, inchoate fashion exist wherever human beings congregate, in permanent family dwellings; and many of the functions of the city tend to be distributed naturally—that is, without any theoretical preoccupation or political direction—into neighborhoods. Most of the earliest cities around the world as excavated by archaeologists have evidence for the presence of social neighborhoods. Historical documents shed light on neighborhood life in numerous historical pre-industrial or non western cities.

Do you know?

I thought it was a James Bond… 007 Movie! If not, it could be an energy drink from Switzerland… or even a stand for rare fruit, in Cali… Nope, its New Teen Buzzword and a very Dangerous Trend!


You may not know it, but right now, you are existing in a state of YOLO. Yes, like its forbearers TGIF and LOL, the acronym, along with its devil-may-care attitude, is earning a permanent place in our lexicon and our lives — for better or for worse.

YOLO, or “You only live once,” is sort of teen interjection for “Carpe Diem.” Only it’s short on the noble idea of living life to its fullest — and more focused on brash decisions and their consequences. YOLOUrban Dictionary… Also one of the most annoying abbreviations ever!

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In less than three days, most students will head back to school. And several will take the bus first thing in the morning, so keeping kids safe on the bus is a top priority. They’re hoping between law enforcement, bus drivers and parents, it will be a smooth ride to safety.

Bus Safety for Back to School

“The safety of those student is paramount and we would like for parents to help us out as much as possible because law enforcement is doing everything they possibly can to monitor our kids. We’re doing everything we can to monitor them. And if parents can help us out, we think that the three of us working collectively will do a very good job at keeping our kids safe,” Read the rest…