Teaching Parents The How-To’s Of Daily Online Security & Safety

Kids Safe

Keeping kids safe online is one of every responsible parent’s top priorities, and for good reason. Technology continues to advance at an amazing rate, and each new development in social media and other networking platforms is a fresh opportunity for online fraud and other criminal activity. In the last decade alone, Internet technology has changed our world. As crazy as it may sound, twenty-first century families are among the founding members of today’s online global community.

Cybercrimes and ID Theft

And that’s a good thing! The Internet has made it possible for working parents to take care of daily tasks quickly and efficiently, leaving us more time to spend with our children. It’s essential, though, that we never forget that a safe and secure online community is not a right; it’s a privilege, and in order to earn it, we have to educate ourselves about cyber security and information assurance—and educate our children, as well.

Here are a few ways we can get ourselves and our kids up to speed on cyber security:

Keeping (Passwords) Secret

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