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Bill Wardell Is A Radio Security Journalist, as well as an advocate for Keeping Our Kids Safe!! With over 20 years of experience owning and operating businesses offline and online. Bill has produced and hosted over 475 radio interviews with industry leaders worldwide. Bill Wardell is well known and respected for his expertise of Online Safety & Security both as an Online Radio Host & Radio Security Journalist.

Carla Lundblade, Elite Skills Analyst & Licensed Clinical Therapist joined Bill today on KOKS Radio. We talked about: Lessons Learned From The Positive & Negative of Fame. We talked about how we can be better parents following some simple guidelines, about The Positive and Negative side of each situation.

Carla Lundblade

Carla has graciously offered to share this cutting edge, and proprietary information with the Keeping Our Kids Safe Family… Clinic Based Program – Lundblade 10   The ten decision to consider by the time you are 22 years old!   Read her list below, and get your own copy here: Carla-Lundblade-10

Carla Lundblade www.carlalundblade.com  is a Beverly Hills licensed therapist specializing in celebrity and sports psychologies.  Carla is very entertaining… very Beverly Hills, but ‘talks trucker’ !!!!

70% of Top Athletes GO Broke!

Did you know that up to 70%, or more, professional NFL, NBA & MLB players will by the end of their career be one or all of the following:





The Lundblade 10 System  has been developed by Carla Lundblade www.carlalundblade.com a Clinical Therapist Specializing in Sports & Celebrity, knows that for many of these players, expert structured psychological counseling will help avoid the extreme negative changes of fortune that have clouded so many golden sports careers!

To help younger athletes, as well as current pro-players, Carla has developed The Lundblade 10, a system designed to specifically help professional athletes develop awareness of the common pitfalls encountered with a high income, high profile lifestyle.

The Lundblade 10 system is a success system that if implemented early will allow athletes to be part of the 30% of professional players who are employed, financially stable and successfully married!
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CyberBullying – Hey, Back Off!: Tips for Stopping Teen Harassment Vol I Issue X

Bullying among teens is epidemic. Many teens are harassed on a daily basis by mean text messages(cyber bullying), sexual harassment, teasing (verbal) , hitting or punching (physical) and some are guilty of harassment without knowing they are perpetrators of illegal acts. Now teens will understand that bullying can have serious long-term consequences on self-esteem and be the root of antisocial behaviors, dropping out of school, health problems and even suicide.

Here is my favorite book on CyberBullying besides mine of course! This is absolutely one of the best books on the market for defining and helping you to understand what Bullying, CyberBullying and Harassment really are, in today’s modern world:

Image of Hey, Back Off!: Tips for Stopping Teen Harassment

Hey, Back Off! by Withers and Hendrickson is the first comprehensive teen guide to harassment prevention.

Glenn Beck: The President of the United States is telling callous, cold, and calculated lies… Part I

Glenn Beck: The President of the United States is telling callous, cold, and calculated lies… Part II

Glenn examined all the evidence that has emerged from the attacks on the Libyan embassy in Benghazi that left four Americans dead. While some in the media are happy to report the pieces as they emerge, no one is stepping back to take a look at the big picture to see what it all means: The President and his administration knew what was going on during the attacks, they knew who was responsible, they didn’t send in the aid or take the security measures needed to stop it. Full Story

Everyone should watch this and make up they’re minds… just like when you go and vote in November, you need to have a full understanding about the politicians that you’ll be voting for in two weeks, but WOW!!

Very powerful information that cannot be overlooked, when our kids will have to live with our decisions… be INFORMED!


Social Networking Safety is an open forum for sharing the latest information, news and tools to help proactively keep our families safe in the ever-changing world of social networking.

With much to be gained from social media – the connectivity, the creativity, the education, the entertainment, the engagement – there is also much we need to proactively be prepared to protect ourselves and our families from. This includes, but is not limited to cyberbullying, identity theft, privacy issues and an adult-culture that doesn’t have our children’s best interests in mind. Thank you for being a part of this group. Together we can make a difference.

Some of my most favorite folks on the web are in this group :) and have been a part of it, since the beginning!
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Bill Wardell Is A Radio Security Journalist, as well as the Head Of Online Security For Keeping Our Kids Safe!!

You’ll get your answers Via Video, Audio, Text and/or email! Bill thrives on helping parents understand the role social media and technology play in their children’s lives and how to keep technology in the home without allowing it to overtake family time.

As parents, if you’re struggling with all the technology (mass media explosion) in today’s online world we all live in… then you’re just like every other family! In 2012 – 2013 this is NOT something you can ignore, when it comes to your kids online safety! Especially with your kids, if they’re: happy, sad, kind, rebellious, shy, extroverted, quiet, the class clown or even a bully, so basically just an average ordinary teenager, in a very UN-ordinary fast-passed mobile world… So, they need help NOW!! not later, then it’s always to late!

I can help I have over 25 years experience online, I can share some great advice or a timely tip, wisdom or just listening ear to help you move through the problems you are facing with your kids, peer pressures, pornography or any of The Top 13 Security Issues of the day!!

Bill Wardell - Head Of Online Security For Keeping Our Kids Safe!
Head Of Online Security For Keeping Our Kids Safe!



You’ll get your answers Via Video, Audio, Text and/or email! GREAT questions will receive an Xtra bonus!