Teaching Parents The How-To’s Of Daily Online Security & Safety

About: Bill Wardell

Bill Wardell Is A Radio Security Journalist, as well as an advocate for Keeping Our Kids Safe!! With over 20 years of experience owning and operating businesses offline and online. Bill has produced and hosted over 475 radio interviews with industry leaders worldwide. Bill Wardell is well known and respected for his expertise of Online Safety & Security both as an Online Radio Host & Radio Security Journalist.

Hello Friends and CASPIAN Members:

Katherine Albrecht here, with a live radio update today and urgent news about Macy’s department stores. The $25 billion retailer has announced it will attach RFID (radio-frequency) tracking technology to 300,000 pairs of shoes, starting next month. Their exact words are:

“We believe now is the right time to roll out RFID aggressively.” – Macy’s (source)

What?!? There is never a good time to roll out privacy-invading Spychips. Macy’s has promised to respond to consumer concern about its RFID plans in a statement by 5:00 PM today. I will share their response with you on my life radio program today.

Please tune in to my radio show from 4:00-6:00 PM Eastern for this breaking story, and to formulate our response. You can listen here:

www.KatherineAlbrecht.com (From the “Radio Show” menu, click “Listen Live”)
www.GCNLive.com (click the Katherine Albrecht show from the rotating lineup)
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Families, law enforcement and juvenile experts are already feeling legislators’ $3.2M budget reduction and fear Utah will eventually pay a much greater price. Check out the full story in the SLC Trib: Budget ax falls on Utah’s juvenile justice system! By Janelle Stecklein | The Salt Lake Tribune

“It’s really wonderful when you’re in a crisis to turn your child over to someone who will make a difference. They should have [programs like] that all over the country. They help children with their emotions that they don’t know how to deal with.”
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Bill Wardell, KOKS Radio Host

Hi my name is: Bill Wardell, I am the creator of the KOKS Radio Network that includes, a weekly radio show, podcast website, blog and The Wall a social media aggregator, including social media networks to spread this parenting message worldwide.

With one message: Teaching Parents The How-To’s Of Daily Online Security & Safety

Bill is a father of 3 children and his wife’s name is Anissa. Bill’s love for his family has been the driving force behind his success over the last few years, and he has been actively been pursuing his passion of becoming an online entrepreneur.

When I created my online personality Your Online Security Authority over 6 years ago, we set out to change the web and how it was used and perceived by concerned parents around the world… and how they teach their children about life, and life lessons on and off the information superhighway… and I am more excited about what we are doing today… More NOW, than even in the very beginning!

I have wanted to build for a long time just one system designed solely and completely for parents in today’s media driven technology based world we all live in NOW… Our Kids are being tested, studied, manipulated and catered too… now with their iPods, Smartphones or notebook at their 24 hour day disposal and with the belief that they DERSERVE it or are somehow entitled, parents to need to take a step back evaluate their families and make some choices before it is too late for their KIDS!

That starts with Awareness, Communication and Knowledge we’ll be sharing this with parents everywhere on a weekly basis with our radio show, weekly uptdates on our KOKS blog including a very special section called (Trending with Teens) and daily, weekly on Twitter and Facebook updates that will give you quick insight now, for answers and solutions for today’s problems, that every teen, tweens and all our kids are faced with daily!

His main focus has been working and dealing with the security issues of the day, such as ID theft, Online Predators, MySpace & Teens, and Keeping Our Kids Safe with ever-growing online security issues when it comes to Internet safety and protecting families.

Mission: Keeping Our Kids Safe Radio, by Teaching Parents The How-To’s Of Daily Online Security & Safety!

Those times we have with our children going to store, riding in the car or just sitting as family and/or hanging out with our kids during activities… please use that time or at least take some time each day (25 minutes) and really talk with your kids about peer pressure they’ll be facing daily, and what you both expect over the next few years!! and most of all, please then listen!

Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to your children about Drug and Alcohol abuse… you may never get another chance before their friends say just try it, were are all doing it!!!

Probably the most dangerous drug our children will encounter is curiosity and listening to peers. The need for children to experiment or whether it be for financial gain, either way, it is a growing concern regarding the misuse of drugs.

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