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This holiday season, thousands of children are missing.

Since 1993, the Polly Klaas Foundation has helped over 8,100 families find their missing children…and we never give up hope.

Your donation can make the recovery of missing children possible! >> Donate

Donations support our 24/ hour hotline, enabling parents in their hour of greatest need to speak to one of our professional caseworkers.

Polly Klaas Donate Now

Our team of caring, experienced caseworkers is dedicated to reuniting families. Your donations make possible the distribution of thousands of missing child flyers via fax, our website, Facebook & Twitter, and by our Rapid Response Team eVolunteers.

Your personal donation to the Polly Klaas Foundation today can keep hope alive for the families & loved ones of children lost to abduction>>

Each donation is important to us. Our Child Safety Kits and abduction prevention programs help individual parents keep their children safe in countless communities across the nation.

Recently, a parent of a recovered child said it best:

“My life will never be the same since I found my kids thanks to all of your from the Polly Klaas Foundation. It will only get better from here on out. It’s a blessing that there are people like you who are there to help. I’ll never forget what you did for me.”

Please make a generous personal gift today, by joining a large group of people who are actively searching for missing children>>

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our work and have a wonderful holiday season.


Gary Judd                         Robert De Leo

President                          Executive  Director

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