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I was reading about an Hollywood actress who was smoking Salvia

Salvia or Salvia Divinorum is a natural herbaceous perennial plant of the sage family that produces white flowers at the peak of its growth in summer seasons. An uprising trend has been discovered among teens and experimental drug users with smoking and using the leaves of the drug to reach a “high” or altered mental state.

Because Salvia is legal in the United States and most areas around the world—the plant leaves can be easily obtained at health food stores or grown in gardens in warm climates. There are several dangers of smoking salvia. These dangers should be well understood in order to promote awareness and educate others on the dangers of this mind altering plant.

Perennials: Salvia


There are a couple points about the physical effects of Salvia divinorum which can be stated with reasonable confidence.

1). Salvia divinorum can sometimes affect motor co-ordination and balance. This can make it difficult to walk and perform simple tasks. The risk posed to the user can be quite significant. Even simple tasks such as walking down stairs could be dangerous if this effect is pronounced. It goes without saying that more demanding tasks, such as driving or operating machinery really should not be performed under the influence of Salvia divinorum, as the risk posed to the user in these circumstances is great. This effect can continue well after the subjective effects have subsided (perhaps up to an hour when smoked).

2). It is widely known that natural products other than tobacco can also be quite injurious to health when smoked. For example, there is much debate over whether Cannabis is itself carcinogenic when smoked. The one thing that is quite clear is that inhaling smoke of any kind is not good for your physical health. Although the effects of smoke from Salvia divinorum leaves and extracts have not been studied, it can be said with a fair amount of confidence that smoking Salvia divinorum is unlikely to be good for your lungs or general health.

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